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Jone Tank Top

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linoo was born out of our love for calm, nature tradition and textiles from natural fibers, especially from the linen cloth, which since ancient times are made right here, in Lithuania. Helped by the fact that we were able to use their experience gained in 20 years of business in interior design and sewing industry.

We’re passionate about making ours home as comfortable and as simple as we can, with classic design and functional pieces that won’t date or go out of fashion. We’re creating for life, not just for a phase or a season. In the last few years, we’ve been thinking increasingly about our footprint on the planet, both in terms of the cost of our modern lives and the cost of our choice of clothing and homewares. Our mission is to make you think really carefully about what you’re buying. Ours simple philosophy is this;

Buy only what you need, or need to replace. Buy the best you can afford, in materials and finishes that will last. Buy the ethical choice, if you can find it. Buy what’s beautiful and what’s useful, but try to buy it only once.

Here at linoo we’re create collections of the finest, most hard-wearing linens we can find and create. We want to be able to offer you a collection of linen sourced from Lithuania, so that we know how the fabrics have been woven and the weavers have been treated. We also wanted to offer a choice that other purveyors don’t and so you’ll find that our linens come from some of the finest linen mills there are.

Above all, you’ll find that our products will stand the test of time and are ones that will grace your homes for years to come.

We hope you find something you love. All clothing is 100% linen

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